Vote for Tinder* card Rating TeamPlayer for Tinder* - Voting with your friends

for Tinder*

Make Tinder* a group experience - only one person needs a Tinder account!

1. Find some friends to play with

(One person needs a Tinder account)

2. Tinder user starts the game

3. Tinder user invites others

(Scans the devices of the voters)

4. Happy voting

Realtime voting for Tinder in groups

Install TeamPlayer for Tinder

Single-Mode on one device | Voters-Mode on other devices (NO Tinder account needed)

The Single invites all Voters

Using either QR-Code-Scan, SMS or Email invitation (do not close the app during invitation or voting!)

The Tinder card gets displayed

Everyone gives his/her vote

The majority decides

The card gets passed or noped on the Single's Tinder account


TeamPlayer for Tinder* - Voting with your friends
Vote for Tinder* card

Everyone with this App installed can join the voting process and give her/his vote. The majority decides whether the current card will receive a "like" or a "nope":
  • Ad voters by scanning a QR code or sending them an invitation per email or sms.
  • No Facebook** or Tinder* account needed to join as a voter.
  • The choice of the group will be sent to the Singles Tinder profile as if the Single would have voted in the Tinder app.

"Great App, now I can use Tinder without a Tinder Account and join my friends to play Tinder."

"With this amazing App, everyone can get the Tinder experience, even if you are not single yourself."

"Great party game."

"Awesome App which brings the Tinder drinking game to the next level."

In action

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